Friday, March 11, 2011

YOU will make $100's per WEEK FREE Data Entry 13 yr olds + world wide

Are you wondering if this DATA ENTRY JOB AT HOME is a scam? Let's talk about it and get to the bottom of this extremely popular new online get paid to program. First of all, when considering any online income program the first thing you should do is ask yourself, can this really be what it says it is?
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Good for you, you are taking the time to really check this out. Unfortunately there are plenty of scams out there 88% to be exact , so being careful it not only wise, but can save you a ton in lost time and investment. Want TO see a scam ,con job, and internet Fraud ? GOOGLE this "BUZZBOT SCAM RIPOFF" Also this is NOT a DATA ENTRY ONLINE WORK AT HOME JOB i used that title and keywords because they are the scams YOU searched FOR and FOUND this BLOG First things to consider. * Does this program cost money? * Do you have to submit any credit card info? * Are there reputable people already involved in this program? * What is the worse case senario, what could you possibly loose? * Is there an attempt to get you to "upgrade to a premium membership" which costs you money? * Is the program really realistic? * Does the program offer great support and tutorials? * Who are the owners and what is their background?
I've been marketing online for over 15 years, and I have seen every kind of income program you can think of.
The problem with most of them is they never seem to live up to the hype created initially.
Let's talk about whether I think, from my research and personal experience the scam is true or not.
THIS Isn't True For These Reasons
It doesn't ask you for one dime of your money. You are never asked to reveal any credit card information.

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